Welcome all! I started this blog because I wanted to document my journey to become a Holistic Health Coach with IIN. Here you will find recipes, health tips, motivation, and a little bit of a mix of everything else that I am interested in. I hope you enjoy!!

Here is a little bit of info about me, I am trying to incorporate vegetarian meals into my daily life. I am a mother to a beautiful 5 year old. I began the Holistic Health Coach program with IIN in May 2014. I believe that we, as a society are accustomed to living and eating poorly. With training and determination, you can re-teach (we don’t have to learn something that we’ve always known) ourselves how to eat and live in a healthier manner. I aspire to show others that living in a healthy manner is easy, and I would love to help women find balance in their lives. I live in central New Jersey. I love astrology and yoga. I would love to impact others and show them that being healthy does not have to seem like a chore that we must complete.