Taking more of a holistic approach to your health!


Your body is capable of healing itself, however, since childhood we’ve been forced to believe that we need medicine to cure us. Medicine is good when it is absolutely necessary, but what medicine does is put a bandaid over the booboo until the next time it comes around. We need to find out why that symptom or illness was there to begin with. Medicine also makes us dependant, so we will most likely need them next time we get sick. I encourage everyone to experiment with essential oils, herbs, and other natural methods and see what happens when you trust your body enough to take care of itself. Research everything, question what is “jskwksbsjisjahahai” (an ingredient in whatever) and find out in what other products you can find these chemicals. Again, this is not me saying that doctors are horrible, just opening up the idea that we need to take more control of our own health.

Here are some of the things you can incorporate into your life to help strengthen your immune system:
– cooking with garlic
– eating less processed foods
– drinking more water
– exercise!
– get enough rest
– using essential oils
– incorporating coconut oil (there are so many uses for coconut oil)

Remember, it’s not about changing everything you eat, or your lifestyle overnight, but incorporating it into your daily life, slowly and consistently.

Peace and love everyone!


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